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18 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼11

    Meet homegirl Deepa Unnikrishnan aka Dee MC as she spits hard verses from 'Himmat' featured in the first episode of #NBAHoopNation 'Hoops On Wheels', streaming this Thursday. The talented Deepa raps an anthem, inspired by the unique heroes of Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India in a series that shows the human spirit #moveforward. Tune in!
    Credits :
    Created by: Ruchir Joshi
    Produced by: Sameer Pitalwalla & Ruchir Joshi (CM studios)
    Executive Producer For CM Studios: Hemambika KT
    Executive Producer for The Vibe: Asad Abid
    Directed By: Shreeda Patel
    DOP's: Kedar Sonigra and Vasuki SN
    Editors: Abhishek Chandran and Tintu K. Philip
    Asst. Editor: Alok Revi
    Asst. Director: Leron D'Souza
    Sync Sound Recordist: Siddhant Seth
    Colorist: Subhadip Sen
    Graphics and Packaging: Nikunj Patel, Karthik Nambiar, and Pratik Thakur
    Post Producers: Tintu K. Philip and Pratik Thakur
    Music: RĀKHIS and NUKA
    Music Producers: RĀKHIS and NUKA
    Music Co Producer: Charan Singh Pathania
    Music Written & Performed by: Dee MC
    Konikol Arrangement: Gaurav Kataria
    Sound Design: Asxem Dlean
    Mix and Master: Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda @ The Beast India Company
    #NBAHoopNation #Uber #MoveForward
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    1. I'm Blesson

      It's really awesome... there are always negative.. But the negatives are the playground to achieve the goal...all the best guys.. :-)

    2. shreeparna mukherjee

      Nice nice nice dee.

    3. ஸ்ரீ ராம்

      Enna elavu da ithu 😂 onnum puriyala

    4. Nima Tamang


    5. uroosa rahat



      Great stuff

    7. Dharshan Ram

      Sathiyam puriyala

    8. Marzuk Md

      Put chatney funny videos annupunga songs anupaadinga

    9. Disha Laha

      Three things are coming into my mind..Respect respect and respect for you.. Dee❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    10. Vivek Ravichandran

      Wonderful video 👌👏👍

    11. joydigitalpro

      என்னப்பா put chutney ஐ பாணி பூரி காரங்க வாங்கிட்டாங்களா 🤔🤔🤔


      Enna raj mohan ithe ellam

    13. I'm Yakesh

      *Idhu edho hindi channel pola unsubscribe paniruvom*

    14. Sanjai .k

      Know one here understood right I too did not understand completely but for this sake only our government is telling us to learn other languages too Like we pppl should learn Hindi And those ppl in the north should learn Tamil and other regional language if they wish to No one is forcing any one to learn anything but our Tamil Nadu politicians are making it a big deal about it and doing arasiyal with it Think guys don't listen to arasiyal what comes on our TV channels.

      1. Aasim Arshad

        @Udhaya Bala well said bro

      2. Udhaya Bala

        @Dhiraj Kyawal India is a diverse country. During independence U marathis, punjabis, bengalis,etc governments thought hindi will help with ur development, so hindi made compulsory in ur schools. Just an illusion created by 'Center(Delhi)' and u guys fell for it. And is Tamilnadu less developed cuz of not knowing hindi? Tamilnadu is second richest state in india. Tamilnadu is more cautious in saving indian culture unlike u northies who blindly worship western culture. Hindi has got nothing to do with unity or development. Wake up. Be rational n think about it. U will understand

      3. Udhaya Bala

        @Dhiraj Kyawal what greater good? So sad what to do ur marathi industry is so small u gotta rely on bollywood for entertainment purposes. So brainwashed. We have our own big film industry. We never had the need to watch to watch Bollywood like u ppl need. And we not are brainwashed like u ppl.

      4. Dhiraj Kyawal

        again guys, i don't have anything against tamil language, its the oldest language in the world, and regarded highly around the world - but i just think having one language that we all understand would be really awesome - but if all of us got so stubborn about it, having hundreds of languages in the country, it would never be possible

      5. Dhiraj Kyawal

        @Udhaya Bala its not about me or you, its about the whole demographic of this country - if it's possible to have one language that's known around the country, then it would be the one that most people are already have the knowledge of, it happens to be hindi - call it bollywood effect or whatever - it's a fact, we must accept it for the greater good of the nation - and let me remind you that nobody's asking us to stop using our native languages

    15. prasadh kumar

      She's sings and resembles like emiway bantai lady version😅😄

    16. Yash Raj

      Bro Tamil ilai ya

    17. Mohan

      The gaana song

    18. Suren B


    19. Suren B


    20. Suren B

      Put chutney....

    21. Dhakshin

      Put chutney ah epo ya hindi channel a change panineenga? Seri adha vidunga ipo antha paatula ena solranga? Uber sponsor panina ena venalum potruveengala?

      1. Udhaya Bala

        @sharfa siddique What's the use of uploading somg with any motto where no one can understand the lyrics?

      2. sharfa siddique

        It's about differently abled people so idhula entha thappum illa

    22. Aakash A

      Put chutney ku hindi tinipu pei pudichiruku.

    23. MonI Pnr

      Sub irundu irunda inum nala irukum

    24. Linges Waran

      Enga Putchatney team one month kanom🤔🤔🤔

    25. Prithvi Raj


    26. RAHUL AV

      Tamil la padunga naa support panren....

    27. Jaya Prakash

      Hindi paatellam podringaley! Aniyayama illa. Unsubscribed this channel

    28. Udhaya Bala

      Chennai based song, released by put chutney, by seeing the video i guess something positive, but onnume puriyala😒

    29. Navin Prasad

      Need eng subtitles

    30. LolloL

      Song accha tha but why is it in hindi

    31. mahesh waran

      Videos uploaded years only

    32. AC18UCS035 Haarish

      Enna ethir neechal rap maariya eruku 🙄

    33. Rahul Nath

      Song nalathan eruku tamil eruinthucuna einaom nalaerukum yana na solurathu

    34. An Alpha Male

      Awesome hip-hop

    35. Swetha teja


    36. Abiraham Athavan