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    Pulse is a medical docu-drama to narrate the stories of those who had gone through many trials and tribulations. This series is also to create awareness among our people
    towards many medical conditions and the means to tackle them. This series was done by Culture Machine in association with Apollo Hospitals Private Limited.
    #Pulse #StruggleAgainstPneumonia #PutChutney
    Director: Hari Haran
    Dop: Sathya Narayanan
    Music: Prasad SN
    Co Director/Editor: Akbar Bashaa
    Executive Producer: Naveen Kumar
    CG: Nizar
    Title Effects: Aravind
    Sfx: Diluxshan
    Direction Team: Ram Vignesh, Vignesh
    Subtitles: Jagan Krishnan
    Audience Development: Twinkle Sancheti, Saranya Rajendran
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    1. Ananya Raju

      Put chutney needs a great applause. Great guys,bringing out info which are unknown keep rocking guys.

    2. Rishi Ramesh

      featuring appolo and getting money ah? vekkama illa?

    3. Vibha's Art & Craft


    4. Harish Raman96

      expecting more info- entertainment video..

    5. bala shankara moorthy bala shankara moorthy

      I can't control my tears while seeing this incident

    6. minute info

      Symptoms for pneumonia?

    7. Ashwin 999


    8. Allen C Fredrick

      Thanks, PutChutney for bringing this to public view. Looking forward to more such content.


      better you can upload this type of video.

    10. Amar 38346

      Sad part our government hospital do not have advanced blood test , if patient is poor it's his fate that in India no government hospitals are equipped with advancements not even higher antibiotics .the poor must die

    11. Lavanya veni R

      Putchutney team good wrk

    12. simple life

      @Putchutney you seem to be doing paid promotion of Apollo hospital in name of case studies of patients .....might be true but this is like a mafia movement scaring people

    13. Sonu Sonu


    14. Rabish Mishra


    15. Thamizh Selvan

      Such an awesome info ....we need more more more.....................pulse videos 😍

    16. indran selvam

      I had this when i was young.My mom told me I face real struggle to overcome it

    17. hari prasad

      Happy to hear that Apollo helped them financially. With this video I'm aware that Apollo is helping their financial needy patient thru Apollo trust. thanks put chutney for sharing this awareness.

    18. Santhosh leo

      God Grace 😆😆🤗

    19. Dr Suryaa

      Please aadambarama mixi,grainder,fan,tv,scooty idhula ilavasama kodukathinga makkal idha ethir pakala....... please give free good hospitality and studies..........

    20. tech surya

      Information video

    21. Elisha Abishek

      Moral is never Over look the symptoms. It might be simple to Hear "ARDS" and pneumothorax . But for a pediatric patients its a nightmare.

    22. Mani kandan

      We make awareness like these kind of diseases,the more peoples could't have a Awareness about these kind of diseases , it is good job put chutney, congrats Medical team.

    23. sam presh

      Great work#Apollo team

    24. Black Panther

      It's like ad for Apollo.. people pls don't fall in this trap by put chutney. Apollo sucks ur all money. Don't fall for it. Please

    25. Haran Akash

      South Indianized trailers seiya matingala bro?

    26. Suresh Resh


    27. Lakshmanan Sathya

      மிக அருமையன பதிவு மற்றும் மிக சிறந்த விழிப்புணர்வு வாழ்த்துக்கள்

    28. SUBASH S

      Kannu kalangittu 😰😰😰.Because I worked in Diagnosis laboratory I know about pneumonia and how its attack.

    29. Saka timepass

      Nice videosq😍

    30. Deepak Joshi

      Expecting more video like this

    31. muthu kamalan .m

      best one from putchutney 🔥 without Rajmohan 😑!! keepit up

    32. Bharathiram R

      very very good work by the team

    33. vinoth r

      Good awareness team !! மிக அருமை ஆனா , இந்த வீடியோ பாக்கும் போது, எதேச்சையா "தனி ஒருவன்" வசனம் " முதல் பக்கத்துக்கும் கடைசி பக்கத்துக்கும் உள்ள ஒற்றுமையை பாருங்க " னு ரவி சொல்றது தான் நெனப்பு வருது (few days back aarumugasamy commision report and now this video )

    34. Dhariks

      Kudos to the hospital for taking over the child’s hospital bill

    35. Shabiba Sharief

      Video romba nalla irukku ..but ithu Apollo hospital ad thana

      1. Shilpa SK

        May be ithu ad ah kuda irukalam.. but ipd oru disease iruku nu.. avunga doctors vachu solrathe perusu dear

    36. adam saleh

      Put chutney its unique channel

    37. gauthaman panneerselvam

      This video is so important too be know by everyone and it's good . thanks u putchutney team . It's is soo nice .👍👍😊

      1. Faijul Slam

        Cool pernah naik sexy video

    38. Chidambara Srinivasan R 6629

      Haters say put chutney was paid for this video

    39. Prem

      Apolla financial helpa ???? Any way hats off for saving a child life and her future Jai Hind

      1. I'm you

        It's a business for them . They are not here to serve us .

    40. Mohammed Atheem

      In maatha hospital

    41. Mohammed Atheem

      Iam also struggle with PNEUMONIA

    42. NIRMAL284

      A good initiative from put chutney... Expecting much more videos... It should teach others how could be treat of diseases and must to know where the best care providers...

    43. Antro Vjay

      Really touching bro .... Would expect more like this from you... It's likely helpful for medical students too... I'm glad that you gave some changes in ur video

    44. Ragul Foxer.

      Sema bro.....💞💞💞

    45. Mothys vikram

      The PutChutney we all deserve! Continue producing more documentaries - May it be healthcare or sports Quality videos don't get views but will have the positive impact it tries to create :)

    46. Syed Anwar

      Really it's to good ...... The doctor say about the pneumonia infection it's a real one now a days the birth baby was developed this kind of infection. So to give the education about the disease condition.......... So pls put the causes of the disease condition releatde video ...... Tq for this video.........

    47. mouleeshwaran venkatesan

      Good job putchuntney you people are doing amazing work by creating awareness of unknown diseases and it is the solution this video will help many pneumonia patients who can't afford the money for their survival once again good initiative to put chutney team

    48. Parthasarathy Parandaman

      The primary cause of initial negligence is bad medical facilities in the country especially for poorer families. It's extremely sad that we live in a country where medical facilities for the rich are different from that for the poor.

      1. Lakshman Aridhasan

        And the government wants to improve health care by giving 6months course to quacks ! 😓

    49. Durga Ruba

      This proves that the Humanity is still alive. Tq apollo 🙏

    50. Sathya Pavan

      Good topic and a lively heading "pulse"... Waiting for more of such videos...🧐✌️👍

    51. Bhargavi Sundar

      Very nice and informative video, good scheme invented by hospital

    52. Arthana Arun


    53. Sarabesh

      Atleast you guys are spreading awareness by influencing people with advertisements..

    54. Karthi Keyan

      Eppo namba government hospital la ipudi aagumo.... Ezhai makkal pavam

    55. Karthi Keyan

      Apa government hospital la waste...Uyir veanum na private hospital than pola

      1. Lakshman Aridhasan

        Naama therndhedutha government eh waste a irukra po. Adhu nadathura hospital la oozhal irukkuma facility irukkuma ?

    56. Dr. Kokila

      Kudos to whole team.....expect more medical documentary, try visiting a casualty of government hospitals

    57. Faizi Fazil

      Thank you apollo hospital for saving child life


      Best video from Putchutney team.. Expecting many more such videos..

    59. nivethan kg

      At this sinaro they again proved doctor are god. Tnks a lot. We have all the prayers there

    60. Karisa Love

      Please do more , really it was very appreciatable thing you guys have done !

    61. reshma barbie raj

      Finally our baby girl smiled ✨.... #akshaya♥️..

    62. Boopathy Device

      An another satisfying video..from Putchutney... Cheers.

    63. Sona sherin

      Akshaya is better now

    64. Sona sherin

      I'm 1,331 st view 128th like and 12th comment


      Who else watching this in ur bed??? Edit:thanks for 14 likes😊

      1. Sarika Jain

        ANIMATION BUDDY by f

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    66. Dhanu

      A man will cry for the video 😭

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    68. Prabhu Dharmaraj

      Yendha naaye dislike pannichu???

    69. Prabhu Dharmaraj

      Tears 😂

    70. Fire ball

      Heart melting video

    71. U19CO0031 B.BalaJaswanth A-section

      Vera level

      1. Selvi Mohan


    72. 49 Aravind Kumar.S 069

      Expecting more medic vedios 🌟

    73. Arun K

      First comment

      1. Chidambaram Manivannan

        Payasam sapdunga friend

    74. Chidambaram Manivannan