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    Pulse is a medical docu-drama to narrate the stories of those who had gone through many trials and tribulations. This series is also to create awareness among our people
    towards many medical conditions and the means to tackle them. This series was done by Culture Machine in association with Apollo Hospitals Private Limited.
    #Pulse #StruggleAgainstThalassemia #PutChutney

    Director: Hari Haran
    Dop: Sathya Narayanan
    Music: Prasad SN
    Co Director/Editor: Akbar Bashaa
    Executive Producer: Naveen Kumar
    CG: Nizar
    Title Effects: Aravind
    Sfx: Diluxshan
    Direction Team: Ram Vignesh, Vignesh
    Subtitles: Jagan Krishnan
    Audience Development: Twinkle Sancheti, Saranya Rajendran

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    1. Vijaya Kumar

      Erraivvan ooruuvannee meeghaa periyyaa sothidaan hello kanni rassikkuu Guruu pathaggatjiipathii danushikkuu transfer Anna' favoudable akkaa eruukumma? No Neessamm, vakkirraamm, marrivvuu pettraaall mattuumm nallaathu seiyyuum kollkalleen kollattumm author late thayyanannda Saraswathi book, jothidaa allannkaarra saarram psdithhuu Paar purriyyum OK Kanni rassikkuu guruuvall yogaamm addintha jathaagam unnaall kattaamudiyuumma?

    2. jaya mahadevan

      great job hatts off to you guys

      1. Raasu Rama

        Jaya Mahadevan

    3. Thamizh Selvan

      Waiting for episode 3😍😍😍😍

    4. Merlyn Esther

      I'm a thalassemia carrier..survivor for 23 years...🙂

      1. Bakkiam Natarajan

        Because you are good soul

      2. Cham Karupps

        You are a fighter

    5. Vijayalakshmi S

      Hi,This is Vijayalakshmi, Samyuktha's mother.I feel previliged to be part of this awareness video.Thank you all for the good wishes for my family. In India,many of us are Thalassemia carriers and are unaware of it.We can find out if we are Thalassemia carriers by doing a simple blood test - Hb Electrophoresis.There is 25% possibility of having a child born with Thalassemia Major, 25% possibility of having a child with Thalassemia minor and 50% possibility of having a normal child when both the parents are Thalassemia carriers.I and my husband are Thalassemia carriers are we are not blood related.Infact,he is Telugu and I am Malayali. Prevention is always better than Cure.

      1. Vijayalakshmi S

        @Umme suhaib Thank you for your best wishes 🙂🙏

      2. Umme suhaib

        Heard fr the first time abt such a disorder... Really feel very happy fr ur daughter that she's cured... May God bless u and ur family vth a long healthy life... Proud of u sister...

    6. Rashik Ahamed

      Hai revathy raj mam

    7. Benjamin Rajasekar G

      How come both parents have problem ? Because of interrelations marrigae itseems ..nothing offensive just thinking

      1. Benjamin Rajasekar G

        @Vijayalakshmi S Great mind

      2. Vijayalakshmi S

        Hi ,IAM the mother.I and my husband aren't blood related.we are from different origins. Many Indians are Thalassemia carriers and they are unaware of this. This awareness video can prevent Thalassemia.


      Apollo ad very nice

    9. Saka timepass

      Leukemia pathi video podunga unga videos medical students in helpful a irkum

    10. Vasanth Vp

      Any treatment for insulin secreting harmone

    11. Venkatesh Varan

      A great message .while doing ug in dharmapuri we wil be tranfusing blood for 3 or 4 thalassemic child daily .heard many stories from their parents where they wil be matched parents as donars but cant afford. For them finding a donar itself a big process.

      1. Reka N

        Hope you know the pain of that parents, and kudos to Ur helping mind ♥️ .,Never stop this beautiful quality

    12. Rani Reddy

      U guys are rocking please continue your job we are there to support u

    13. Vinodh Maheswaran

      What's BMT can you explain

      1. Vinodh Maheswaran

        @Leeynesh Sooriyapiragasam thank you sir

      2. Leeynesh Sooriyapiragasam

        Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) - to replace the recipient's (patient) bone marrow with the donor bone marrow if the recipient have any blood disorders (thalassemia, sickle cell disease or leukemia) or any cancer related to bone marrow. However, it's not an easy task because they need to find the matching donor - usually will be the closest family members. Very summarised info but you can consult any hematologist/oncologist for more detailed answer. Hope it helps :)

    14. krishcreed NK7

      Bro...antha donor maraku enna pannanum nu oru link pantu iruntha nalla irukum bro

    15. Johnz T & Y

      Good job team 👍👏 Informative video.

    16. mahesh ravichandran

      Guys u r doing a great job..... Pls pls pls don't discontinue this pls

      1. Tilottama Tilottama

        mahesh ravichandran I uk

    17. Lakshmikant PB

      One of the best educational videos I have seen. Congratulations to the team for the video. Happy to see that Samyuktha has recovered and is normal now. Pranams 🙌🙌 to her mother and father for not losing hope. Hats off and inspirational.

      1. Arumugam Subbaiah

        @Vijayalakshmi S xexxyy0

      2. Vijayalakshmi S

        Thank you for the wishes 🙏


      Bro appolo ku marketing ahhh

    19. Reka N

      Dr.Revathi Raj.., the one who always so sweet and lovely, please don't think this video for the promotion of any particular hospital, it is an emotion of thousands of mother's., BY NAVALADI'S MOTHER (Still I give my love♥️and support to this "Hope team"..,)

      1. Elite chef

        Dr.revathiraj mam very very good doctor ..and she saved so many kids.god bless mam.

      2. munna 2901

        R N

    20. Vignesh Vicky

      Congress and stay blessed papa 😍🥰🙌👏👏👏

    21. pertheship

      Super. Can you do one on Hemophilia.

    22. karthikai sudar

      Naan first time ah paakura athuvum put chutney with social issue.good

    23. Bala Raji

      Good man 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    24. Hamas Aadhil

      putchutney plz dubbing by shinchan voice vdo podunga😍😍😍😍 rompa naalaaachu.......

      1. Kishore C

        7 . .

    25. sree Praveena ms

      First time kekkre thalassemia

    26. Recharging Cabinet

      Hats off

    27. swetha copiya

      Promotion of applo?? But content was great

      1. balan eswaran


      2. Reka N

        No dear., I was there more than a year even from middle class family, it is a place where God is also use to cry , forgot the brand name Apollo, behind that there is lot of emotions, kudos to the team, they are really trying to make us stronger♥️

    28. Ikram Khan

      Nice guys

    29. Priyanka S

      Voice ❤ great guys

    30. Shruti Srivatsan

      Amazing doctor..she is very sweet

    31. Sasi Dharan

      Supr n nice

    32. Psychology Keerthana

      U guys are doing a great job hats off

    33. Deepika Prabakaran

      You guys are doing great job👌👌👌very very useful message... keep on doing such videos

      1. Radha Mani77iuī77yfsAzxgp7y

        Deepika Prabakar7mka

      2. Kaththava Rayan


      3. Elumalai K

        Deepika Prabakaran my

      4. Elumalai K

        Deepika Prabakaran you

    34. Black shirt

      Bro indha mari more awareness videos podunga

      1. Fareena Tasneem

        Subscribe to music beez channel pa

    35. Suren B

      Put chutney...

    36. Mohamed Faizee

      Nice video and a good msg thx for atleast 4 likes and I wish that the baby should stay happy and healthy if u also wish the same hit that like button

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      It may be first comment

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